Blacksmithing Classes

Craig May school of blacksmithing at Dragon Forge LTD

taught by Craig May, owner of Dragon Forge LTD in Pine, Colorado

email Craig or fill out the form to reserve your spot

followed by submitting a deposit and the appropriate form

*one-on-one classes are available upon request

Cash/ check/ paypal

Where to stay?

     The studio is located near Pine Junction, Colorado 80470

     Estimated time travel to:

          Conifer, Pine Grove, Bailey (not much traffic): 15 min

          Grant: 20+ min

     Down the mountain along the front range:

          Morrison/Evergreen/Littleton (less traffic): 35 min

          Lakewood (traffic): 45+ min

          Boulder: 1 hour (easily)

     If you get a hotel out of town it is advised to stay near hwy 285 (aka known as Hampden in town)

     You can also check:

Just the Basics: I

3 day class

When: June 16-18 2017  FULL!

              July  14-16 2017   FULL!


Download PDF

Cost: $500.00 per student.

Classes are limited to 6 students per class. Currently this class is full

About the class:
Students will learn basic blacksmithing techniques and process using the following tools:

     -Coal Forge: Starting and managing a coal fire

     -Gas Forge: regulating temperature

     -Oxy-Propane torch: Control Flame and Accuracy

     -Hand Tools: Hand Hammer, vise, anvil, tongs

     -Skills to be acquired:

     -Forge a taper

     -Twisting and bending

     -Forge Welding

     -Team Striking

Using these skills students will make one of the following:

     -Fire Poker

Just the Basics II

When : August 25-27 


Download PDF


Cost $500.00 per student

What : Coat and hat hanger
-upset corner
-slit and drift a hole
-hot splitting/ grooving
-heat treating
Tools made
-slitter and drift
-hot cut chisel
-bob punch

Power Hammer Class

Basics introduction to flat die forging    

When: Sept 15-17 


Download PDF


Cost: $550.00 per student

Class is make a tool to make a tool until you have a basic set of hammer tools
    Tools made
          spring fuller
          round fuller
          1/2 round bottom swedge
          thickness gauge stop
          tong forging tool
Skills learned
          turn hit method of stock reduction and tapering
          turned eye
          basic heat treating
          if time permits a set of tongs

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